Emily Quinton

I help creative people learn to take beautiful photographs

Makelight Workshops

I teach bloggers and makers how to get the most out of taking photographs for and of their work.

Blogging is visual for many of us nowadays. Each of my one-day Makelight workshops, and two-week online courses offers practical help for improving the quality of the images you take and share.

Life is busy, nobody has a photography studio in their home, and not everyone has the time to learn and use a professional camera! These workshops help you use the things you already have, and the space that you have, to create beautiful images.

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I’m a professional photographer, and I use Instagram as the place I publish my daily photos. When I work with brands I use products in my daily work and help them gain exposure and brand recognition in an honest and open way.


I write on my blog, Makelight, about creativity, photography, inspiration and making a life for my family of six.

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